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  • Onyx Z32

    by Published on 09-26-2012 05:07 PM
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    What a fun drive!

    My decision to do this was a last minute one. I've wanted to drive these roads for a while now but never really took the initiative. And since I don't have AC in my car I needed to make the trip at a time when it wasn't so hot that I'd be sweating the entire time, or too cold that I couldn't enjoy tire grip & t-tops off. After looking at the weather forecast I decided now was the right time!

    I recently had my front bumper replaced & repainted and wasn't in a hurry to damage it on a long road trip. Semi truck tire shards & small to medium sized animals might present a problem, if at least to keep me nervous and overly cautious. As it is my bumper sits low and I scrape everywhere. But ...
    by Published on 04-20-2011 08:19 PM  Number of Views: 5750 

    Note to self: don't eat Mexican in Philly... uuhggg.

    Here is my phone video of us driving around after the meet, and some of my pics. I didn't take any VW pics as I figured there would be tons of trendy dudes doing that already, so I just snapped what I thought was cool with my phone;
    by Published on 11-01-2010 01:31 AM  Number of Views: 3234 

    Damn that was fun, but we're back now! Hope everyone had a great Halloween

    We'd like to welcome PittSpeed members to the network! You'll also notice OntarioMotorcycle is part of the new navbar, but unfortunately due to time constraints and unforeseen problems they're not fully part of the network just yet... but they will be soon.

    PittSpeed has been around 7 years (since back when NYSpeed members were on UBRF) and has a similar group to NYSpeed with all different makes and models of vehicles. PittSpeed also competed on PINKS a few years ago - you may remember their LS1 powered 240sx beating a fox-body Mustang on that episode.

    Whitey runs the show over there and him and I are in the process of planning a joint PittSpeed / NYSpeed event for the spring / early summer of 2011... more on that later

    So again, welcome to all the new members!

    Also, we're aware of several bugs that need fixing but feel free to point them out here as you see them in case we overlooked some. And yes, search is currently down for some users but will be up as soon as possible.
    by Published on 10-26-2010 11:25 AM  Number of Views: 4655 

    RHDriven.com is a forum for those with right-hand driven cars (duh!) and the guys from RightDrive.ca have been filling it with RHD specific information. In addition you'll find a list of RHD cars for sale. Matty from RightDrive will be moderating this forum so we'd like to welcome him to the team!

    is now the political outlet for those who are more interested in politics than automotive topics. Although the forum colors are red, white & blue Canadians are welcome to start topics or join the conversation too!

    NOTE: Yeah, we already know the forum switcher isn't working correctly with these 2 new sites. Mike and I are working on a new one and will implement it ASAP.
    by Published on 06-25-2010 09:51 AM  Number of Views: 10113 
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    Let me first start by saying these are just my observations from my time in Tokyo. Different people can visit different places and come away with different impressions. I’m going to focus on the automotive aspects of my trip here in this thread and try not to get into the side / cultural stuff as much.

    All pictures in this thread we're taken by myself using King's Nikon that I borrowed, thanks again! Some of the pics suck as I didn't have time to play with things and had to shoot quickly. A video clip of our R33 GTR drive is at the bottom of this post. I also can't thank Adam (FEAST JAPAN) enough for his hospitality - he's a real stand up guy

    Tokyo, Japan

    When I originally pictured Japan in my head, I imagined streets filled with cool JDM cars. In reality it’s not much different from here in North America. 99% of the cars on the street are just passenger vehicles; Moms and Dads in vans, 4-door bland cars and people who generally don’t care what they drive as long as it gets them from point A to point B. And at the same frequency that you’d see a “cool car” while traveling around our area, only once in a while would I come across a car worth noting.

    Normal Streets

    Most of the cars in Japan are small. Not because they’re trying to save the environment or spend less on fuel, but because in many driving situations you simply couldn’t fit a bigger car. 2-way streets are the same size as 1-way streets here. Even stop signs and stop points are set back by about a bus-length from where they’d be placed on our streets because if they were any closer, cars would be unable to turn without clipping someone’s bumper. Also there are convex mirrors at some street corners to help you see what's coming down the blind side streets. Things were tight like this even in Rural areas as we experienced later on our R33 GTR drive.

    Roads & Highways

    All highways are toll roads or have some sort of charge. Booths are everywhere. You don’t see police on the highways either – only speed cameras. And there are signs that tell you that there is an approaching speed camera ...
    by Published on 03-17-2010 05:24 PM  Number of Views: 15748 
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    Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the reasons we've brought the forums together to form this network.

    Before I begin, NEXT WEDNESDAY the 24th of March we need members from all of these forums, if available, to show up and support this project at a public meeting in Niagara Falls. Info below;

    by Published on 03-09-2010 05:58 PM  Number of Views: 2332 
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    This last weekend was a hell of a time. I met up with Mike (MPD47) and a bunch of the AKA / Blown Euros / Revmat.ch guys and we went on a little cruise around NYC with about 70+ cars.

    You name it, and someone was driving it. The cars included a Carrara GT, a bunch of Aston Martins, Ferraris, ...
    by Published on 03-08-2010 02:40 AM

    Welcome back everyone! There is a lot of new functionality to the forums, one of which is the new network structure that will allow cross-collaboration between forums. Take a look at the following image and I'll explain it below.

    (forums may not be exact)

    So what does all this mean exactly? While the basic structure of your home site remains the same, some forums can now be seen on multiple sites.

    For example, in the 'Classifieds' section your classic forums for selling locally remain. But if you have a set of wheels, tires or automotive parts you now have the option to place them for sale in a 'Network-Wide' section. This gives you a larger user base to sell your item!

    We've also added 'Network-Wide' auto and OT sections. If you have general automotive questions that might be best served by asking the whole network, or if some automotive news effects everyone, post it here. In the same way, some OT news or sports threads for example might be a good fit for the Network OT section.

    Be aware that these sections will be moderated HEAVILY. We won't tolerate cross-country hate (sports topics excluded ) and if you're not mature enough to interact with the rest of the world (so-to-speak) your access to these sections will simply be revoked.
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